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Being the enema an ancient therapeutic procedure,mud WTR coffee coffee enemas have been used for two centuries in medical practice. After discarding its benefits in the last century, today the technique has become popular again thanks to the flourishing of alternative medicines. Enemas or colon enemas have been used for millennia by different civilizations. In… Read More »

Do You Know The Benefits Of Pot Coffee? See Here Some Of Them

Coffee is the drink that has different ways of preparing, among them are the combination options with milk, spices, liqueurs, among others, however here we leave you some benefits of drinking the pot. The Association of Specialty Cafes and Cafeterias points out that one of the traditional ways of preparing coffee in Mexico is pot… Read More »

The Benefits Of Mud WTR Coffee

Coffee is the beverage most consumed worldwide , and while some warn of the negative effects on health, recent research has found that, on the contrary, its intake can have benefits for the body. According to experts, taking it in moderation can be positive, since it must be taken into account that coffee is a… Read More »

Coffee Blends With Mushrooms For A Natural Energy Boost

WHAT IS MUSHROOM CAFÉ? While regular coffee has recently been associated with a number of wellness benefits, it can still have some drawbacks. Adding mushrooms to coffee can help protect the body from these drawbacks as well as introduce other benefits that you cannot get from coffee alone. We are always working to offer our… Read More »

Mushroom Coffee? The New Health Drink!

Does the idea of ​​dipping your breakfast toast in mushroom coffee revolt you? We understand you! And yet, this new drink that comes to us from across the Atlantic could land in our latitudes and become THE essential healthy drink for next fall! Rest assured, we’ll tell you everything about this spore coffee, you’ll love… Read More »

A little mushroom in your coffee?

Mushroom revolution Medicinal mushrooms like reishi or cordyceps are popular today, but they are not used yesterday, especially in Chinese medicine and in several other traditional medicines. In Quebec, many people have discovered in recent years chaga, a fungus that grows in our forests and that can be eaten like a latte. As a result,… Read More »

Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee At Home

Anyone can make coffee, or not? We have already explained how to make an espresso with an espresso machine, but there are so many other brewing methods available at home. We will go through a few with you, so that you can also make the perfect cup of coffee at home. You will know most… Read More »

How to Prepare the Perfect Cup?

How to prepare the perfect cup? Question that does not leave the head of # PassionateForCoffee. But in order to answer we need to take into consideration 3 items: your Preference, the Grain and the Method of Preparation! It seems that preparing the perfect cup is almost impossible, but calm down, let’s start with the… Read More »