How you make the perfect cup of coffee at home

By | May 14, 2021

A coffee in a restaurant or bar usually tastes just a bit better than at home. That is not due to the fact that you may have just eaten or paid more for it. A real barista knows exactly how to make the perfect cup of coffee. With these tips you can hang out at the barista yourself and spoil yourself with the tastiest cup of coffee.

Choose the right coffee

This is (obviously) the basis for a nice cup of coffee. There are two types of coffee beans, namely the Robusta and the Arabica. The Robusta is seen as the ‘average supermarket coffee’. The Arabica bean is known for a wonderfully refined scent, a soft, full flavor and a low caffeine content. The acidity (the acidity) is also higher in the Arabica bean. Which is good in the case of coffee.

Putting the perfect cup

If you work with a real espresso machine, make sure that the ground coffee is evenly distributed over the filter holder. This ensures optimum extraction. Then press the coffee firmly and place the filter holder in the machine. Switch the device on immediately! Because if you wait too long, the coffee will burn, giving it a bitter taste.

The correct lead time

You may never have thought about it, but the lead time is enormously important in making the perfect espresso. A lead time of 25 seconds ensures the tastiest cup that you will drink in ages. This creates the perfect mix: being as black as the devil, as hot as hell and as sweet as love. A lower lead time will make your coffee weak, while a higher lead time will make your coffee too bitter. You can recognize a good espresso by the ‘tiger print’ on the coffee. However, it is important that you stir well before you drink. This ensures that the flavor elements mix well together.

How do you make a good cappuccino?

If you want to make a cappuccino, frothing milk is an art in itself. However, practice makes perfect! Pour the milk jug up to the belly of the pouring piece. Insert the steam nozzle diagonally into the container and turn it fully open. Let the milk come on and slowly lower. When the milk carton is 70 degrees Celsius – and you can no longer hold the container – then close your steam nozzle again. Briefly tap the container on a flat surface and wthen in a wavy motion until all the air bubbles have disappeared and the foam gets a nice shine. Pour the milk froth slowly over the coffee, constantly reducing the distance between them. For the last layer, keep the cup straight so that the top layer on the inside is nicely white and surrounded by a brown border.

Storing the coffee

You prepare the perfect coffee with freshly ground beans. Make sure that you do not use more than you need for your cups of coffee. This is because the quality of the beans deteriorates considerably if they are eligible for air. And keep it in a cool place out of the sunlight.

Keep your coffee maker clean

Every time after you use the device again, it is a small effort to clean it. In this way you prevent old (roasted) coffee from getting into your cup. Because if you don’t remove these leftovers, your coffee can get a burnt / bitter taste. After brewing a cappuccino, it is important that you clean the foam pipe with a wet cloth. Even before you want to make your new coffee, you must clean the filter holder every time. You simply do this with hot water from the device. This is a small effort with a major impact.

No barista skills?

Even if you don’t have a real espresso machine, you can easily enjoy a perfect coffee at home. With the capsules and machines of the illy Iperespreso line you become a real barista at the touch of a button.

As you make more coffee, taking into account these tips, you will make the best cup of coffee at home!