By | July 28, 2021

Being the enema an ancient therapeutic procedure,mud WTR coffee coffee enemas have been used for two centuries in medical practice. After discarding its benefits in the last century, today the technique has become popular again thanks to the flourishing of alternative medicines.

Enemas or colon enemas have been used for millennia by different civilizations. In the not-so-distant past, 1928, Dr. Gerson began performing coffee enemas as a detoxification technique and cancer therapy. The technique was discredited by the scientific community and fell into disrepair. Today, thousands of people undergo coffee enemas in their own homes or in “alternative doctor” offices. This matter is a source of contention between scientific and non-scientific medicine.

Below we are going to collect all the points of view and provide information on this procedure.

The alternative point of view

According to many alternative therapists, the healing effect of coffee enemas is based on the following belief: Caffeine administered rectally stimulates the action of the liver to release toxic bile salts, opening the bile ducts and stimulating an enzyme known as GST, which it is an antioxidant produced by the liver. The toxins eliminated by the liver are conjugated with bile salts to later be eliminated through the feces, the coffee enema is a way to eliminate these toxins more quickly and effectively.


Put 3 tablespoons of ground coffee in 1 liter of water, boil for 3 minutes without covering.

Infuse for 10-15 minutes, covering the container.

Let cool to body temperature.

Lying on the right side and using a colon irrigator, introduce the liquid through the anal canal.

It is recommended to retain the liquid for 7-10 minutes and then deposit it.

Alternative doctors include this technique in their repertoire, apparently they indicate it to cure and prevent all kinds of ailments: alcoholism, allergies, arthritis, asthma, back pain, bad breath, swelling, dirty tongue, colitis, constipation, damage caused by nicotine, fatigue, gas, headaches, high cholesterol, hypertension, indigestion, insomnia, joint problems, liver failure, cancer, loss of concentration, mental disorders, parasitic infestation, infections, rheumatoid arthritis, nasal congestion, skin problems and ulcerative colitis.

The point of view of scientific medicine is very different.

Given the popularity of the technique, it has been evaluated and studied numerous times. The scientific community is very strong: Statements that the coffee enema stimulates the liver, stimulates GST, opens the bile ducts and eliminates toxins are false because they have not been proven and have no scientific basis.

The coffee enema used to evacuate bowels is effective , but it does not have any advantage over laxatives, since it is an invasive and complicated technique. Although most of the time no setback occurs, some cases of heart failure have been reported due to the great absorption of liquids that the coffee enema supposes, cases of serious infections due to using non-sterile equipment, cramps, pain and electrolyte imbalance.

Regarding its use to treat serious diseases such as cancer, the treatment based on coffee enemas and food preparations proposed by Dr. Gerson in 1928 is dangerous, ineffective and irresponsible.

The most famous case of the failure of this cancer therapy was that of Steve Jobs , who, motivated by his beliefs, rejected an operation for his pancreatic cancer and decided to treat it with the Gerson therapy . The type of cancer suffered by the founder of Apple did not present many complications and 100% of patients were cured after the operation. After years of therapy Gerson and with advanced cancer decided to listen to the doctors and have surgery, although it was too late, the end is known to all of us. 

What do people who use coffee enemas think?

In general, people who do coffee enemas are happy and recommend this procedure. That is why it continues to be done around the world and is used by alternative doctors.

Mainly, the coffee enema is used in the home with the intention of relieving stomach aches, cleaning the intestinal transit and eliminating toxins. Users of this technique indicate that they feel lighter, more energetic, and with improvements in the appearance of the skin, they also indicate that they get sick less frequently.

Another common use of coffee enemas is in the sexual sphere, to perform certain sexual practices with greater hygiene. In fact, several porn stars have openly acknowledged its use in interviews.

What coffee to use for coffee enemas?

You can use all kinds of coffee but we recommend quality natural coffee, avoiding roasted coffee or blends. You can also do this type of enemas with green coffee.