Being the enema an ancient therapeutic procedure,mud WTR coffee coffee enemas have been used for two centuries in medical practice. After discarding its benefits in the last century, today the technique has become popular again thanks to the flourishing of alternative medicines.

Enemas or colon enemas have been used for millennia by different civilizations. In the not-so-distant past, 1928, Dr. Gerson began performing coffee enemas as a detoxification technique and cancer therapy. The technique was discredited by the scientific community and fell into disrepair. Today, thousands of people undergo coffee enemas in their own homes or in “alternative doctor” offices. This matter is a source of contention between scientific and non-scientific medicine.

Below we are going to collect all the points of view and provide information on this procedure.

The alternative point of view

According to many alternative therapists, the healing effect of coffee enemas is based on the following belief: Caffeine administered rectally stimulates the action of the liver to release toxic bile salts, opening the bile ducts and stimulating an enzyme known as GST, which it is an antioxidant produced by the liver. The toxins eliminated by the liver are conjugated with bile salts to later be eliminated through the feces, the coffee enema is a way to eliminate these toxins more quickly and effectively.


Put 3 tablespoons of ground coffee in 1 liter of water, boil for 3 minutes without covering.

Infuse for 10-15 minutes, covering the container.

Let cool to body temperature.

Lying on the right side and using a colon irrigator, introduce the liquid through the anal canal.

It is recommended to retain the liquid for 7-10 minutes and then deposit it.

Alternative doctors include this technique in their repertoire, apparently they indicate it to cure and prevent all kinds of ailments: alcoholism, allergies, arthritis, asthma, back pain, bad breath, swelling, dirty tongue, colitis, constipation, damage caused by nicotine, fatigue, gas, headaches, high cholesterol, hypertension, indigestion, insomnia, joint problems, liver failure, cancer, loss of concentration, mental disorders, parasitic infestation, infections, rheumatoid arthritis, nasal congestion, skin problems and ulcerative colitis.

The point of view of scientific medicine is very different.

Given the popularity of the technique, it has been evaluated and studied numerous times. The scientific community is very strong: Statements that the coffee enema stimulates the liver, stimulates GST, opens the bile ducts and eliminates toxins are false because they have not been proven and have no scientific basis.

The coffee enema used to evacuate bowels is effective , but it does not have any advantage over laxatives, since it is an invasive and complicated technique. Although most of the time no setback occurs, some cases of heart failure have been reported due to the great absorption of liquids that the coffee enema supposes, cases of serious infections due to using non-sterile equipment, cramps, pain and electrolyte imbalance.

Regarding its use to treat serious diseases such as cancer, the treatment based on coffee enemas and food preparations proposed by Dr. Gerson in 1928 is dangerous, ineffective and irresponsible.

The most famous case of the failure of this cancer therapy was that of Steve Jobs , who, motivated by his beliefs, rejected an operation for his pancreatic cancer and decided to treat it with the Gerson therapy . The type of cancer suffered by the founder of Apple did not present many complications and 100% of patients were cured after the operation. After years of therapy Gerson and with advanced cancer decided to listen to the doctors and have surgery, although it was too late, the end is known to all of us. 

What do people who use coffee enemas think?

In general, people who do coffee enemas are happy and recommend this procedure. That is why it continues to be done around the world and is used by alternative doctors.

Mainly, the coffee enema is used in the home with the intention of relieving stomach aches, cleaning the intestinal transit and eliminating toxins. Users of this technique indicate that they feel lighter, more energetic, and with improvements in the appearance of the skin, they also indicate that they get sick less frequently.

Another common use of coffee enemas is in the sexual sphere, to perform certain sexual practices with greater hygiene. In fact, several porn stars have openly acknowledged its use in interviews.

What coffee to use for coffee enemas?

You can use all kinds of coffee but we recommend quality natural coffee, avoiding roasted coffee or blends. You can also do this type of enemas with green coffee.

Do You Know The Benefits Of Pot Coffee? See Here Some Of Them

Coffee is the drink that has different ways of preparing, among them are the combination options with milk, spices, liqueurs, among others, however here we leave you some benefits of drinking the pot.

The Association of Specialty Cafes and Cafeterias points out that one of the traditional ways of preparing coffee in Mexico is pot coffee and this has its origin since pre-Hispanic times.

“It is because Moctezuma drank an infusion of honey, corn and cocoa, very similar to the mixture that today is known as pot coffee,” says his site.

According to Larousse Cocina, pot coffee should be prepared with ground coffee and in a clay pot, hence its name, although it is now prepared in other types of materials.

Drinking pot coffee has many health benefits due to its mixture of ingredients, here are some of them:

Vitamins, magnesium and others

When the pot coffee is made with brown sugar, it converts the sweetener into a benefit because it preserves many nutrients from the cane such as vitamins, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus.

Provides fiber

Pot coffee with cinnamon provides calcium, fiber and magnesium, in addition to lowering blood glucose levels.


Pot coffee in combination with health benefits, such as cloves, is antimicrobial and has antioxidants. Help for digestive ailments.

Try this clay and coffee mask and see the changes in your skin

About 80% of women suffer from sagging skin ; This happens because the elastin and collagen fibers , which are responsible for providing resistance, decrease and lose strength in our system . This occurs naturally but there are also factors such as tobacco consumption, exposure to the sun’s rays without protection, poor lung oxygenation and leading a sedentary life that accelerate the loss of both fibers.

However, this time we present the solution to this problem: a clay and coffee mask that reduces all kinds of flaccidity in the skin. Know its benefits, test its effectiveness and discover the changes little by little. You’ll be surprised!

Properties and benefits

The mixture of coffee with clay forms a concentrate of anti-inflammatory and firming properties that allow to increase the levels of elastin and collagen, making them activate immediately.

Both ingredients contain large amounts of minerals, such as: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and selenium . Not counting the antioxidants that help improve the appearance of tissues and therefore, toxins are released.

Once you have this mask, it is best to apply it making circular movements on your skin so that circulation improves and oxygenation as well.

The Benefits Of Mud WTR Coffee

Coffee is the beverage most consumed worldwide , and while some warn of the negative effects on health, recent research has found that, on the contrary, its intake can have benefits for the body. According to experts, taking it in moderation can be positive, since it must be taken into account that coffee is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

When coffee is consumed in the morning, its first benefit is to help us wake up. Its caffeine contents act as a stimulant on the central nervous system, which improves concentration and activates movement.

Research has found that those who drink three to four cups of coffee a day – unsweetened – have a 25 percent lower chance of developing type II diabetes. In addition, coffee is in the sixth place of the 50 foods and beverages that represent a rich source of antioxidants . These properties help protect the body from cell damage that can be caused by free radicals, which are molecules that enter our body either as a result of pollution, poor diet, poor metabolism, among others, and cause cell degeneration and They can cause diseases such as cancer, stroke, or cardiovascular problems.

Coffee is also digestive , as its compounds help stimulate gastric secretion, and activate the production of bile and the contraction of the gallbladder.

Numerous studies have found that those who frequently consume coffee reduce the risks of cognitive decline. This drink is an ally of our intelligence, our memory and in general our mental health. Drinking three to five cups a day can help reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s by up to 65 percent.

It is proven that coffee and its properties can have many health benefits that we can take advantage of through moderate consumption. However, for its effects to be fully good and effective it is very important to pay attention to its companions such  as milk, cream or the amount of sugar, since these additions can reduce its effects.

To find out more about different types and qualities of coffee, we have interviewed the people in charge of Café de Don Manuel , a specialty roaster with a great presence on networks and a YouTube channel from which they make this world known and where you can watch a documentary about its history that follows the entire process step by step to make a unique and outstanding product.

How long have you been in the sector and what is your origin?

We have been around since 2014. The objective of the brand is, fundamentally, to offer our customers and friends a quality coffee. Spain has never been known for serving good coffees, so we have a clear focus on specialty coffee. We always talk about coffees with traceability and control from the origin to the cup. We have an exhaustive quality control, and very organized to obtain a product that is very different from the usual ones on the market.

Over the years, the more we know about the product and the closer we get to the producing countries of origin, the more we become aware that the entire coffee chain is fairer at all levels. We want farmers to be recognized for their effort to deliver exceptional raw material to us. Our desire is to help them have a better life and a promising future and thus generate an important value chain.

What are the products you offer?

We import specialty coffees from all over the world, to be roasted on the island of La Palma (Canary Islands). Our main focus is clearly on Colombian coffees, as well as social aid. Even so, the other producing countries cannot be ignored, especially because it is a very diverse world and with many different components in flavor. We try to culturally enrich the palates through tasting workshops and a lot of training, so that everyone can enjoy a practically unknown product even if it is in all our homes.

Who turn to you?

We have five own stores on the island of La Palma. And we serve coffee to other cafes and companies in the Canary Islands, always roasted by us.

It is in the roasting process that coffee acquires the color , flavor and aroma that we now identify as coffee. The green beans can be infused, but none of the characteristics of the resulting drink transmits the sensations that a good cup of roasted coffee does cause. Roasting is done by applying a heat source to the green coffee bean. With this heat, moisture is first lost as the temperature increases; then pyrolysis takes place and once we have the indicated roast point, it is time to cool down.

The recent health crisis has also affected the world of coffee, however, there are cases that have reinvented themselves taking advantage of the pandemic to resurface with more force. This is the case of Cafés Balancilla , a roaster in Burriana (Castellón) with more than 20 years of experience that, while maintaining traditional values ​​such as closeness to the customer and an artisan roasting method , knew how to make a virtue of necessity during the pandemic and the confinement and turned what heralded misfortune into opportunity. 

«We transform our shareholding, we invest decisively in training, we modernize our facilities and the brand image, we are committed to sustainability – investing in photovoltaics as an energy source, and in a compostable and recycled packaging of our products – and we started selling online – having already reached homes in all the provinces of our country-, and most importantly: we introduced the necessary changes in the entire coffee value chain to pivot from a commercial coffee roaster to specialty coffee ». 

The new management formed by Walter Pastor and Javier Gil, together with the master roaster Joel Martínez, a commercial and technical team more motivated than ever, now have the objective of bringing coffee culture to all corners of Spain.

To this day they are proud of the work carried out at the most adverse moment that the hospitality industry and the company have gone through in recent history. Although their main channel is Horeca, with hundreds of clients in Castellón and Valencia, they want to broaden their horizons. “Our model is based on a product that is cared for with care, close attention and technical service and constant training for our customers,” they say.

Its mission is to contribute to an increasingly large wave of consumers who value specialty coffee for its flavor, its properties and because it gives back the entire value chain (from the farmer to the cup) in the most equitable way.

But coffee is, today, much more than a drink. It is a tradition. For a large part of the population, having the first coffee in the morning or the one after eating are daily rituals. The enjoyment of sharing a cup with friends or offering to prepare one when visitors are received, all of this is part of the coffee culture and is due to its long history. In America there are even coffee routes that traverse the history of its flavor through neighborhoods and old Cuban haciendas.

To find the origins of Café Dromedario we must go back to 1871, in the city of Santander, when an important businessman, Antonio Fernández Baladrón, founded it from a colonial business. This year they celebrate their first 150 years of history.

You can only fulfill so many years knowing how to deal with all the circumstances that get in the way, world wars, civil wars, entry into the market of large multinationals and of course, pandemics, showing the necessary flexibility and a high capacity to adapt to changes.

«We operate with the brands Café Dromedario, Cafés Pozo and Café La Tostadora and we stand out for the high quality of our products, which is demonstrated by the more than 30 international awards that we have received repeatedly in the last 20 years and that we offer to our clients with the best value for money on the market. We also stand out for our commitment to spreading coffee culture, which led us to found more than 20 years ago a Coffee School through which thousands of clients have already passed and we stand out for having carried out important Corporate Social Responsibility work for many years and, in in recent years, installing processes that are increasingly respectful of the environment ”, they explain.

At Café Dromedario they hope that the continuation of these clear policies, incorporating important digitization processes, and counting, of course, with a whole staff of dedicated and trained people, will lead them to consolidate the expansion at the national level and be able to fulfill another 150 years.

Coffee is mainly associated with two moments of our day to day: breakfast and snack. Around these two key moments, specialized coffee shops are generated, with the mission of offering the best coffee and also the best accompaniments.

This is the case, for example, of Taruffi . Its first store was opened 30 years ago in Madrid, offering artisan ice cream and freshly baked homemade cookies, since then Taruffi has been in a great transformation process taking care of its philosophy of offering high quality artisan products with the collaboration of local producers.

“We are pleased to welcome you with open arms for breakfast, lunch or a snack,” they say. Among its outstanding products, the main one is specialty coffee.

They work hand in hand with a local roaster so that coffee is a pleasant taste experience with fruity notes, nuts and chocolates, they follow their traceability in origin, their roasting and elaboration. They grind your coffee at the same time you ask for it, checking the grams, water temperature and extraction time and finishing with a good milk emulsion so that your cream is smooth and fine. They also offer Taruffi ground coffee to go to make at home.

In addition, they also serve healthy and natural artisan ice cream, with flavors suitable for vegans and without lactose; cold coffee-based drinks, such as Affogato, in which they mix specialty coffee with their artisan ice cream; cappuccino freddo, shakerato or cappuccino frappe, three options with a coffee base; and pastries, with homemade cakes, sourdough cakes with seasonal fruit, pancakes and waffles with the dough made daily and cookies.

Coffee does not come from a single species of tree, but there are more than a hundred different species of coffee trees. Arabica coffee is considered the best coffee beans and is one of the most consumed in the world. Its caffeine level is low, while its flavor is balanced and pleasant and it is a very aromatic grain. It is an elegant and subtle coffee, delicate and with a good balance between body and flavor.

In Spain there is only one company certified as a 100% Arabica roaster . It is mud wtr coffee and more than 50 years of coffee tradition endorse them. Since their beginnings as an artisan roaster in 1965 they have remained true to their motto: quality and service. This has led them to build unique facilities in the sector, equipped with cutting-edge technology. In addition to a space, El Globo Reserve, which is a laboratory and center for the dissemination of coffee culture, where the links of the coffee value chain converge.

Thanks to all this, last year they have been certified by two independent European entities as the first 100% Arabica Roaster in Spain.

Its expert coffee grower highlights the properties and quality of Arabica coffee, the most appreciated species in the world and more aromatically complex. The bases of the exclusive Single Origin Coffees range are: direct contact with producers at origin, knowing the traceability of the grain and sustainable crops under tree density. All of this makes it possible for mud wtr coffee to be a benchmark in the specialty coffee market.

Cold Brew mud wtr coffee is one of the company’s latest market launches. This ‘ready to drink’ soft drink is made by hand and only contains 100% Arabica specialty coffee and water. It is a very versatile product, designed to be enjoyed at different times and is at the forefront of cocktails.

Coffee Blends With Mushrooms For A Natural Energy Boost


While regular coffee has recently been associated with a number of wellness benefits, it can still have some drawbacks. Adding mushrooms to coffee can help protect the body from these drawbacks as well as introduce other benefits that you cannot get from coffee alone.

We are always working to offer our customers cutting edge wellness products to support their health goals. Here you can learn more about how mushrooms can support your overall well-being and explore the variety of Mushroom Coffee Mixes we’ve recently added to our website!

Mushroom coffee


Four Sigmatic’s Organic Mushroom Coffee Blend + Lion’s Mane Packets are perfect for a natural, instant boost. This delicious blend is the perfect alternative to your boring regular cup of coffee. It’s a unique blend of lion’s mane and rhodiola root for natural mental stimulation as well as chaga mushrooms for antioxidant support. This mushroom coffee is perfect for those with an on-the-go lifestyle and can fit right into your daily routine.


The Organic Cordyceps + Chaga Mushroom Coffee Blend from Four Sigmatic stimulates the body for a natural energy boost and on the move. This unique blend combines cordyceps and chaga mushrooms to not only provide natural antioxidants to support your body’s natural defenses, but also a natural energy boost all in one on-the-go drink. This mushroom coffee can fit perfectly into your daily routine.


Four Sigmatic Organic Milk & Mushroom Coffee Blend is a keto & vegan option for a quick energy boost in the morning or midday. This creamy treat delivers maitake and chaga mushrooms as well as adaptogenic herbal mucuna to aid the body’s natural stress response with a sweet latte taste – no added sugar. This mushroom coffee is perfect for those with an on-the-go lifestyle and can fit right into your daily routine.

Setas coffee


Four Sigmatic Organic Mocha and Chaga Mushroom Coffee Blend Sachets are perfect for a supercharged energy boost. Chaga mushrooms have natural antioxidants, which support overall immunity. This mushroom coffee is perfect for those with an on-the-go lifestyle and can fit right into your daily routine.


Mushrooms that are not grown organically could absorb harmful pesticides and other chemicals from the soil in which they are grown. This is why it is important to consume organically grown mushrooms , and what makes Four-Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee blends so potent.

From coffee grounds to mushrooms

How does your 5 mushroom coffee creamer taste?

Since this product is designed to blend with your favorite coffee, tea or latte, this product has a very subtle taste with a slight hint of coconut.

How should I store the 5 mushroom coffee creamer?

We recommend that you store all Landish products in a cool, dry place, below 20 ℃.

Mushroom Coffee? The New Health Drink!

Does the idea of ​​dipping your breakfast toast in mushroom coffee revolt you? We understand you! And yet, this new drink that comes to us from across the Atlantic could land in our latitudes and become THE essential healthy drink for next fall!

Rest assured, we’ll tell you everything about this spore coffee, you’ll love it!

Coffee with mushrooms, but not just any! Mushroom coffee has become really popular in recent years as demonstrated by these mud wtr reviews that highlight the benefits of this coffee.

Today, we do not suggest you make coffee with porcini mushrooms, morels or other chanterelles (too bad!). The mushrooms we are talking about are not usually used in cooking. They are in fact medicinal mushrooms with many benefits such as cordyceps, which we have already told you about here.  Among these mushrooms, we also find reishi, chaga or lion’s mane, or hedgehog hydne.

Cordyceps is known to tone your body and increase your physical stamina. Chaga is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps in healing. Reishi is excellent for preventing cardiovascular disease and it stimulates cognitive functions! Finally, the lion’s mane is indicated to stimulate your memory and help you against anxiety and depression.

Usually, therefore, these magic mushrooms are consumed in capsules, like medicine. But a British brand has decided to give them pride of place at breakfast. For a good dose of health every day!

Mushrooms powder, mixed with your ground coffee

At Prêt à Pousser, we grow good mushrooms on coffee grounds . Here it is the opposite, the powdered mushrooms are mixed with your coffee grounds. You then enjoy them directly in your breakfast drink.

It is in particular the brand Four Sigmatic which offers sachets of ground coffee mixed with cordyceps or lion’s mane powder. Ideal for the morning espresso.

And if this coffee with amazing medicinal properties has not yet landed in France, it is already making a lot of noise and followers in the United States and England.


All of their coffee beans are certified organic and fair trade.

Organic mushrooms are produced, harvested and processed 100% locally in Montreal.

The transformation consists of a triple extraction to maximize its medicinal properties.

These three coffees are therefore unique, custom roasted and designed to offer the best experience with your cup of coffee.

Whether you prefer brown, medium brown or full-bodied coffees, there is something for everyone.

And we reassure you, MushUp coffee does not taste mushroom 🙂




This mushroom is known for its stimulating and toning properties – both for physical energy and for libido.

Cordyceps can help the body use oxygen more efficiently and improve blood circulation. This can be especially useful for athletes or those who train regularly.

This fungus has been shown to not only improve exercise and athletic performance, but also speed up muscle recovery after training.


The recipes for coffees allied with MushUp mushrooms reduce the natural acidity of coffee, considerably reduce the palpitations caused by its consumption, while enhancing the original flavors of the bean.

All this in addition to being an overall better drink for health, stimulating the immune system, cognitive functions and / or physical capacities.

A little mushroom in your coffee?

Mushroom revolution

Medicinal mushrooms like reishi or cordyceps are popular today, but they are not used yesterday, especially in Chinese medicine and in several other traditional medicines. In Quebec, many people have discovered in recent years chaga, a fungus that grows in our forests and that can be eaten like a latte. As a result, we find more and more by-products featuring these mushrooms: DavidsTea has marketed a chai herbal tea with chaga; at Machina SmartBar, in the Mile End, we suggest adding reishi mushrooms or cordyceps to their “Super Lattes”. This is without counting the medicinal mushroom powders which are more and more present on the market, like those of Mush Superfood, an Amsterdam company.

Combine coffee and mushrooms

Where MushUp sets itself apart is by incorporating medicinal mushroom extracts directly into the coffee beans. The two founders of the company, Maëva Costedoat and Rachèle Pouliot, are first coffee lovers and wanted to launch their small business in this very competitive sector. While thinking about their project, they left for Colombia to do an internship in herbalism and mycology. It was there that they discovered medicinal mushrooms. “We were really passionate about it! Medicinal mushrooms have virtues that have been used for thousands of years by other cultures, but not ours, ”says Maëva Costedoat, met at the vegan restaurant Tendresse. An idea was born: why not combine the two?

“By mixing mushrooms with coffee, we succeed in countering the harmful effects of caffeine, such as palpitations, while adding properties to the drink,” explains Maëva Costedoat.

A unique triple extraction

It was when the two women met the seasoned mycologist Geoffroy Renaud-Grignon that the project came to fruition. With him, the duo developed their extract recipes. “Our recipe is quite unique, because we are the only ones to do a triple extraction of the mushrooms, which allows us to extract all the active properties”, assures the one who was “disappointed” by the taste of the mushroom powders ( generally double extractions) offered on the market. According to the fungus, MushUp will combine alcohol and oil extractions, decoctions and calcinations, the final step to “fetch whatever is left”. Ultimately, the liquid extraction takes the form of an oil “very similar to natural coffee oil,” explains Maëva Costedoat, which is naturally absorbed by the coffee bean. “What we want is to offer people to integrate the consumption of mushrooms into their daily lives, to make it hyper accessible, without changing their habits. “

A local product

All of the mushrooms in MushUp coffee blends are organic, locally produced, harvested and processed – four of the five varieties (cordyceps, reishi, voriolus, and lion’s mane) grow in culture, in the lab, and chaga, which feeds on of white birch essence, is responsibly picked by seasoned pickers.

For its coffee beans, the company works with various Montreal roasters. “Our coffees don’t taste like mushrooms. We have done “reverse engineering”, starting with our mushroom extracts and then choosing a roasting that combines with the taste. Our extracts have a slightly sweet taste, which is reminiscent of cocoa, peanut butter, ”explains Maëva Costedoat. To have tasted them, we confirm: MushUp coffees taste… coffee!


MushUp currently offers three types of coffees, Vital, Spark and Vigor, infused with medicinal mushrooms. Each has its properties: the first would invigorate the immune system thanks to chaga and coriolus; the Spark would support the neurological system, would help concentration and improve memory thanks to the lion’s mane; as for Vigor, it would be particularly indicated for athletes who want to improve their performance and physical endurance thanks to cordyceps. All coffees contain reishi, nicknamed the “King of Mushrooms,” an adaptogenic mushroom widely used in Chinese medicine that is believed to help support the immune system, promote sleep and relieve anxiety.

If the virtues of medicinal mushrooms do not achieve consensus among the scientific community and it is obvious that some brands are riding the wave of the trend, some studies still tend to demonstrate their health benefits. “We have great testimonials from our customers who are feeling the effects, who have stopped drinking coffee and can drink MushUp! “, Enthuses for her part the young entrepreneur.

MushUp products are available online and at several points of sale in the Montreal area. You can also drink MushUp coffees at Tendresse, in the Village, and at Les Impertinentes, in the Mile End.

Mushroom coffee or the healthy coffee made with mushrooms that is currently agitating:

Kefir, fermented tea, ginger beer , bone broth , golden milk … the list of healthy drinks to sip in any season is so long that one could write a book. However, a new beverage comes to join it. Mushroom coffee! Sorry !? A coffee made with mushrooms? Yes, you got it right! After being all the rage on the other side of the Channel and the Atlantic, the first healthy coffee arrives in France! And although it doesn’t really make you want much, mushroom coffee is good for boosting your body, especially during this period of the coronavirus pandemic .Mushroom coffee or the magic potion with a thousand and one virtues that will make you forget your coffee.

Does the idea of ​​dipping your homemade cookies in a mushroom coffee put your stomach on strike? We understand you! And yet, spore coffee, coming from across the Atlantic, is shaping up to be THE new “healthy” drink to add to your morning routine to replace caffeine. Rest assured ! It is not a beverage made from chanterelles or porcini mushrooms. We are talking rather about medicinal mushrooms with many virtues for the body where each of you can find something for it. Already interested? tests mushroom coffee for you and takes stock of its health benefits!

As already said, the mushrooms needed for the preparation of the new trendy drink are not the mushrooms you use in cooking. These are mushrooms of a medicinal nature. Among them, you will find reishi, chaga, cordyceps, “lion’s mane” and more hedgehog hydne. Very interesting, they all have healing properties for the human organism. Reishi, for example, is very beneficial for the heart system. It considerably reduces the risk of cardiovascular accidents . Cordyceps tones and stimulates the immune system by improving sports performance. Chaga, on the other hand, relieves inflammation, promotes healing and regulates blood sugar levels.. Finally, the “lion’s mane” fights against anxiety and depression, while promoting concentration and memory. It also reduces the degeneration of brain cells.

Before the appearance of mushroom coffee, the consumption of these miraculous mushrooms was done by taking special capsules, like food supplements . However, a big British brand decided to invite them to the breakfast table. She created mushroom coffee sachets. Each sachet contains approximately 500g of ground spores mixed with 40g of coffee. Of course, there are sachets that only contain cordyceps or “lion’s mane” powder. To combine gluttony and health, the brand has also launched cocoa bags with ground mushrooms.

Still, you can’t help but wonder if coffee with ground mushrooms gives your coffee a little taste of undergrowth when you wake up? Well the answer is NO! Medicinal mushrooms have a subtle, sweet taste that pairs beautifully with that of roasted coffee beans. They also fall into the category of alkaline (or alkalizing) foods . That said, they balance out the acidity of coffee making it less aggressive on the stomach. This is great news for people who tend to drink their coffee with milk and sugar.

So, if you’re looking for a way to make your coffee healthier and more beneficial, why not add some ground medicinal mushrooms to it? Rich and sweet, mushroom coffee offers several nutritional benefits that should not be overlooked without losing its energizing effect that you normally find in your first cup of coffee of the day. For a nice dose of daily health, opt for spore coffee!

Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee At Home

Anyone can make coffee, or not? We have already explained how to make an espresso with an espresso machine, but there are so many other brewing methods available at home. We will go through a few with you, so that you can also make the perfect cup of coffee at home. You will know most equipment, but may not use it. We challenge you to try something new, do you participate?


This Italian classic is the percolator, a kitchen item that is already well known. It is also renamed namely mocha pot or bialetti (which is a brand name). The percolator is a great way to make tasty tasting espressos as the basis for latte’s, cappuccinos and flat whites. The disadvantage of the percolator is that it is quite intensive and that a second cup is often just a little less easy.?

How do you use a percolator?

Fill the lower part with hot water, exactly below the steam valve.

Put the filter basket on top and fill it with ground (not too coarse, not too fine) coffee. lightly press on the coffee and screw on the upper part.

Place your percolator on a medium heat, about 5 minutes, or until your coffee is in the upper part.

Remove your percolator from the heat, stir briefly and pour in.

Tip: use just boiled water in your percolator. With cold water your percolator becomes too hot and that damages the taste of the coffee.


The Aeropress is the way to make good coffee when you are on the move. The Aeroporess is small and compact and therefore easy to take with you. It is a good, somewhat crazy way to make a delicious cup of coffee. If you have mastered the technique, it is super fast and easy. According to the experts, the Aeropress is one of the best ways to make coffee. partly for that reason there are even Aeropress championships around the world. This should not be missing when you go camping!

How To Make Coffee With An Aeropress

Prepare your Aeropress

Insert the filter into the disk and wet it with hot water.

Put 1 scoop of coffee in your Aeropress, fill it with enough water for 1 cup, stir a little and then let it stand for 1 minute.

Screw on the cap and the filter, place your kophe over the top and turn it over completely.

Push down (not too hard), remove your Aeropress and enjoy your delicious cup of coffee!


A cafetière, also known as French press, is another well-known method of making coffee. It is the best way to make several cups of coffee quickly. Perfect for 5 or 6 people. A cafetière is also useful for experiencing cold brew yourself. The biggest mistake people make with a cafetiere is that they use the wrong grind and don’t get the right extraction. Make sure you use coarse grind, somewhat similar to breadcrumbs!

How to make delicious coffee with a cafetière

Heat your cafetiere with hot water, you don’t want your cafetière to be cold. Discard the water when you start step 2.

Fill your cafetière with coarse ground coffee. Pay attention; use approximately 60 grams of coffee per liter of water. So calculate exactly how much you need!

  • Add hot (from the boil) water and stir briefly.
  • Let your coffee stand for 4 minutes so that the coffee comes in good contact with the water, let the lid off.
  • Use a spoon to scoop off the coffee roast that has come up and then place the lid on it.
  • Push down slowly and pour a nice cup of coffee.

Drip filter coffee

We all know the coffee makers of the past, on which the coffee often has a long time and gets less flavor. There is an alternative, a Mocca Master , the best filter device in the world. But there is an alternative, something cheaper and simple. The Chemex and the V60 from Hario, for example, are examples of pour over filter coffee methods that are easy and give you fantastic results.

How to make filter coffee in a Chemex or V60

Insert the filter

Let hot water flow through the filter, this ensures that the paper taste disappears. Really!

Discard the water

Grind your coffee beans to a fairly coarse, bit like sea salt. Then put it in the middle of the filter.

Carefully and slowly pour a small amount (30 ml) of water over the coffee. Do it in a spiral form, start in the middle and move outside.

After 1 minute pour hot water over the wet coffee. Start again in the middle and then go outside in a circle. Keep pouring until you have reached the right water level, or your water has run out.

The brewing is done when the drip from the filter goes slower.

Remove the filter and enjoy.

How you make the perfect cup of coffee at home

A coffee in a restaurant or bar usually tastes just a bit better than at home. That is not due to the fact that you may have just eaten or paid more for it. A real barista knows exactly how to make the perfect cup of coffee. With these tips you can hang out at the barista yourself and spoil yourself with the tastiest cup of coffee.

Choose the right coffee

This is (obviously) the basis for a nice cup of coffee. There are two types of coffee beans, namely the Robusta and the Arabica. The Robusta is seen as the ‘average supermarket coffee’. The Arabica bean is known for a wonderfully refined scent, a soft, full flavor and a low caffeine content. The acidity (the acidity) is also higher in the Arabica bean. Which is good in the case of coffee.

Putting the perfect cup

If you work with a real espresso machine, make sure that the ground coffee is evenly distributed over the filter holder. This ensures optimum extraction. Then press the coffee firmly and place the filter holder in the machine. Switch the device on immediately! Because if you wait too long, the coffee will burn, giving it a bitter taste.

The correct lead time

You may never have thought about it, but the lead time is enormously important in making the perfect espresso. A lead time of 25 seconds ensures the tastiest cup that you will drink in ages. This creates the perfect mix: being as black as the devil, as hot as hell and as sweet as love. A lower lead time will make your coffee weak, while a higher lead time will make your coffee too bitter. You can recognize a good espresso by the ‘tiger print’ on the coffee. However, it is important that you stir well before you drink. This ensures that the flavor elements mix well together.

How do you make a good cappuccino?

If you want to make a cappuccino, frothing milk is an art in itself. However, practice makes perfect! Pour the milk jug up to the belly of the pouring piece. Insert the steam nozzle diagonally into the container and turn it fully open. Let the milk come on and slowly lower. When the milk carton is 70 degrees Celsius – and you can no longer hold the container – then close your steam nozzle again. Briefly tap the container on a flat surface and wthen in a wavy motion until all the air bubbles have disappeared and the foam gets a nice shine. Pour the milk froth slowly over the coffee, constantly reducing the distance between them. For the last layer, keep the cup straight so that the top layer on the inside is nicely white and surrounded by a brown border.

Storing the coffee

You prepare the perfect coffee with freshly ground beans. Make sure that you do not use more than you need for your cups of coffee. This is because the quality of the beans deteriorates considerably if they are eligible for air. And keep it in a cool place out of the sunlight.

Keep your coffee maker clean

Every time after you use the device again, it is a small effort to clean it. In this way you prevent old (roasted) coffee from getting into your cup. Because if you don’t remove these leftovers, your coffee can get a burnt / bitter taste. After brewing a cappuccino, it is important that you clean the foam pipe with a wet cloth. Even before you want to make your new coffee, you must clean the filter holder every time. You simply do this with hot water from the device. This is a small effort with a major impact.

No barista skills?

Even if you don’t have a real espresso machine, you can easily enjoy a perfect coffee at home. With the capsules and machines of the illy Iperespreso line you become a real barista at the touch of a button.

As you make more coffee, taking into account these tips, you will make the best cup of coffee at home!

How to Prepare the Perfect Cup?

How to prepare the perfect cup? Question that does not leave the head of # PassionateForCoffee.

But in order to answer we need to take into consideration 3 items: your Preference, the Grain and the Method of Preparation!

It seems that preparing the perfect cup is almost impossible, but calm down, let’s start with the easiest and tastiest taste that pleases your taste buds! There are several types of coffees, fruity, more or less full-bodied, more bitter, soft, try all our specialty coffees and choose your favorite.

With the quality of the grain you need not worry, for this we have a Taster, Roaster and Barista, who offers their customers the best grains, ensuring the quality of your drink.

Now I only miss the last question and for him we prepare a brief description of some methods of preparation that will ennoble the perfect cup!

But before that, be aware of some important tips:

Use mineral or filtered water because the chlorine interferes with the aroma? of drink;

Do not boil water, the ideal temperature is 93 ° C to 98 ° C (so it starts to bubble ??);

If using paper filter, scald it first to remove the taste of the material;

Pre-infuse, soak all the powder before straining and then pour the rest of the water slowly, without stirring;

And finally, scrape the cup before serving, to keep the coffee hot for longer.

MOKA –  The coffee prepared at Moka is more full-bodied. When heated, the water comes in contact with the coffee powder, which is pushed under pressure to the top of the moka, forming a light crema, similar to that obtained in the espresso coffee method.

CLAY COATER –  The cloth colander is the classic way to make coffee. It allows the solids to pass, accentuating bitterness and resulting in a full-bodied drink.

TURKISH –  Put the ground coffee, water, in this order in Ibrik and bring it to the fire. It can break the “never boil coffee” rule. Here it is forbidden to stir the drink so as not to mix the dust that has accumulated in the bottom of the cup.

FRENCH PRESS  –  This method extracts the full flavor of coffee. Heat the coffee maker and add the powder; add hot water, stirring, and leave for 5 minutes. Then push the plunger down serving directly into the cup.

ESPRESSO –  Espresso prepares a creamy and aromatic drink, it is considered the most appropriate method to appreciate all the nuances of the drink.

CLEVER –  Clever is a brewing method that allows you to control brewing time. Coffee made with Clever can be compared to the French Press method, where it is possible to control the extraction time, without the inconvenience of the presence of particulates by using the paper filter.

HARIO V 60 –  Developed in Japan, this ceramic colander is very different from the traditional one. The tapered shape, large opening at the base and internal spiral lines allow accurate extraction of the coffee, resulting in a clean and tasty drink.

AEROPRESS –  Method that produces strained coffee using manual air pressure through a paper filter. The result is a soft drink that has a strained coffee texture but the complexity of an espresso.

CHEMEX –  Invented by a chemist in 1941, its unique and tapered shape, where colander and container are interconnected, helps maintain the temperature. The triple layer filter results in a cleaner drink.

SYPHON –  Its cylindrical shape unites art and science. Created in 1840, it is an infusion preparation method, which works by means of the Thermal Transfer Principle.

GOLD FILTER –  The filter is made with 24 carat gold that does not absorb the oils like paper and cloth, meaning resulting in more flavor in your coffee.