Do You Know The Benefits Of Pot Coffee? See Here Some Of Them

By | July 27, 2021

Coffee is the drink that has different ways of preparing, among them are the combination options with milk, spices, liqueurs, among others, however here we leave you some benefits of drinking the pot.

The Association of Specialty Cafes and Cafeterias points out that one of the traditional ways of preparing coffee in Mexico is pot coffee and this has its origin since pre-Hispanic times.

“It is because Moctezuma drank an infusion of honey, corn and cocoa, very similar to the mixture that today is known as pot coffee,” says his site.

According to Larousse Cocina, pot coffee should be prepared with ground coffee and in a clay pot, hence its name, although it is now prepared in other types of materials.

Drinking pot coffee has many health benefits due to its mixture of ingredients, here are some of them:

Vitamins, magnesium and others

When the pot coffee is made with brown sugar, it converts the sweetener into a benefit because it preserves many nutrients from the cane such as vitamins, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus.

Provides fiber

Pot coffee with cinnamon provides calcium, fiber and magnesium, in addition to lowering blood glucose levels.


Pot coffee in combination with health benefits, such as cloves, is antimicrobial and has antioxidants. Help for digestive ailments.

Try this clay and coffee mask and see the changes in your skin

About 80% of women suffer from sagging skin ; This happens because the elastin and collagen fibers , which are responsible for providing resistance, decrease and lose strength in our system . This occurs naturally but there are also factors such as tobacco consumption, exposure to the sun’s rays without protection, poor lung oxygenation and leading a sedentary life that accelerate the loss of both fibers.

However, this time we present the solution to this problem: a clay and coffee mask that reduces all kinds of flaccidity in the skin. Know its benefits, test its effectiveness and discover the changes little by little. You’ll be surprised!

Properties and benefits

The mixture of coffee with clay forms a concentrate of anti-inflammatory and firming properties that allow to increase the levels of elastin and collagen, making them activate immediately.

Both ingredients contain large amounts of minerals, such as: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and selenium . Not counting the antioxidants that help improve the appearance of tissues and therefore, toxins are released.

Once you have this mask, it is best to apply it making circular movements on your skin so that circulation improves and oxygenation as well.