Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee At Home

By | May 14, 2021

Anyone can make coffee, or not? We have already explained how to make an espresso with an espresso machine, but there are so many other brewing methods available at home. We will go through a few with you, so that you can also make the perfect cup of coffee at home. You will know most equipment, but may not use it. We challenge you to try something new, do you participate?


This Italian classic is the percolator, a kitchen item that is already well known. It is also renamed namely mocha pot or bialetti (which is a brand name). The percolator is a great way to make tasty tasting espressos as the basis for latte’s, cappuccinos and flat whites. The disadvantage of the percolator is that it is quite intensive and that a second cup is often just a little less easy.?

How do you use a percolator?

Fill the lower part with hot water, exactly below the steam valve.

Put the filter basket on top and fill it with ground (not too coarse, not too fine) coffee. lightly press on the coffee and screw on the upper part.

Place your percolator on a medium heat, about 5 minutes, or until your coffee is in the upper part.

Remove your percolator from the heat, stir briefly and pour in.

Tip: use just boiled water in your percolator. With cold water your percolator becomes too hot and that damages the taste of the coffee.


The Aeropress is the way to make good coffee when you are on the move. The Aeroporess is small and compact and therefore easy to take with you. It is a good, somewhat crazy way to make a delicious cup of coffee. If you have mastered the technique, it is super fast and easy. According to the experts, the Aeropress is one of the best ways to make coffee. partly for that reason there are even Aeropress championships around the world. This should not be missing when you go camping!

How To Make Coffee With An Aeropress

Prepare your Aeropress

Insert the filter into the disk and wet it with hot water.

Put 1 scoop of coffee in your Aeropress, fill it with enough water for 1 cup, stir a little and then let it stand for 1 minute.

Screw on the cap and the filter, place your kophe over the top and turn it over completely.

Push down (not too hard), remove your Aeropress and enjoy your delicious cup of coffee!


A cafetière, also known as French press, is another well-known method of making coffee. It is the best way to make several cups of coffee quickly. Perfect for 5 or 6 people. A cafetière is also useful for experiencing cold brew yourself. The biggest mistake people make with a cafetiere is that they use the wrong grind and don’t get the right extraction. Make sure you use coarse grind, somewhat similar to breadcrumbs!

How to make delicious coffee with a cafetière

Heat your cafetiere with hot water, you don’t want your cafetière to be cold. Discard the water when you start step 2.

Fill your cafetière with coarse ground coffee. Pay attention; use approximately 60 grams of coffee per liter of water. So calculate exactly how much you need!

  • Add hot (from the boil) water and stir briefly.
  • Let your coffee stand for 4 minutes so that the coffee comes in good contact with the water, let the lid off.
  • Use a spoon to scoop off the coffee roast that has come up and then place the lid on it.
  • Push down slowly and pour a nice cup of coffee.

Drip filter coffee

We all know the coffee makers of the past, on which the coffee often has a long time and gets less flavor. There is an alternative, a Mocca Master , the best filter device in the world. But there is an alternative, something cheaper and simple. The Chemex and the V60 from Hario, for example, are examples of pour over filter coffee methods that are easy and give you fantastic results.

How to make filter coffee in a Chemex or V60

Insert the filter

Let hot water flow through the filter, this ensures that the paper taste disappears. Really!

Discard the water

Grind your coffee beans to a fairly coarse, bit like sea salt. Then put it in the middle of the filter.

Carefully and slowly pour a small amount (30 ml) of water over the coffee. Do it in a spiral form, start in the middle and move outside.

After 1 minute pour hot water over the wet coffee. Start again in the middle and then go outside in a circle. Keep pouring until you have reached the right water level, or your water has run out.

The brewing is done when the drip from the filter goes slower.

Remove the filter and enjoy.