Mushroom Coffee? The New Health Drink!

By | May 26, 2021

Does the idea of ​​dipping your breakfast toast in mushroom coffee revolt you? We understand you! And yet, this new drink that comes to us from across the Atlantic could land in our latitudes and become THE essential healthy drink for next fall!

Rest assured, we’ll tell you everything about this spore coffee, you’ll love it!

Coffee with mushrooms, but not just any! Mushroom coffee has become really popular in recent years as demonstrated by these mud wtr reviews that highlight the benefits of this coffee.

Today, we do not suggest you make coffee with porcini mushrooms, morels or other chanterelles (too bad!). The mushrooms we are talking about are not usually used in cooking. They are in fact medicinal mushrooms with many benefits such as cordyceps, which we have already told you about here.  Among these mushrooms, we also find reishi, chaga or lion’s mane, or hedgehog hydne.

Cordyceps is known to tone your body and increase your physical stamina. Chaga is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps in healing. Reishi is excellent for preventing cardiovascular disease and it stimulates cognitive functions! Finally, the lion’s mane is indicated to stimulate your memory and help you against anxiety and depression.

Usually, therefore, these magic mushrooms are consumed in capsules, like medicine. But a British brand has decided to give them pride of place at breakfast. For a good dose of health every day!

Mushrooms powder, mixed with your ground coffee

At Prêt à Pousser, we grow good mushrooms on coffee grounds . Here it is the opposite, the powdered mushrooms are mixed with your coffee grounds. You then enjoy them directly in your breakfast drink.

It is in particular the brand Four Sigmatic which offers sachets of ground coffee mixed with cordyceps or lion’s mane powder. Ideal for the morning espresso.

And if this coffee with amazing medicinal properties has not yet landed in France, it is already making a lot of noise and followers in the United States and England.


All of their coffee beans are certified organic and fair trade.

Organic mushrooms are produced, harvested and processed 100% locally in Montreal.

The transformation consists of a triple extraction to maximize its medicinal properties.

These three coffees are therefore unique, custom roasted and designed to offer the best experience with your cup of coffee.

Whether you prefer brown, medium brown or full-bodied coffees, there is something for everyone.

And we reassure you, MushUp coffee does not taste mushroom 🙂




This mushroom is known for its stimulating and toning properties – both for physical energy and for libido.

Cordyceps can help the body use oxygen more efficiently and improve blood circulation. This can be especially useful for athletes or those who train regularly.

This fungus has been shown to not only improve exercise and athletic performance, but also speed up muscle recovery after training.


The recipes for coffees allied with MushUp mushrooms reduce the natural acidity of coffee, considerably reduce the palpitations caused by its consumption, while enhancing the original flavors of the bean.

All this in addition to being an overall better drink for health, stimulating the immune system, cognitive functions and / or physical capacities.