Mushroom coffee or the healthy coffee made with mushrooms that is currently agitating:

By | May 26, 2021

Kefir, fermented tea, ginger beer , bone broth , golden milk … the list of healthy drinks to sip in any season is so long that one could write a book. However, a new beverage comes to join it. Mushroom coffee! Sorry !? A coffee made with mushrooms? Yes, you got it right! After being all the rage on the other side of the Channel and the Atlantic, the first healthy coffee arrives in France! And although it doesn’t really make you want much, mushroom coffee is good for boosting your body, especially during this period of the coronavirus pandemic .Mushroom coffee or the magic potion with a thousand and one virtues that will make you forget your coffee.

Does the idea of ​​dipping your homemade cookies in a mushroom coffee put your stomach on strike? We understand you! And yet, spore coffee, coming from across the Atlantic, is shaping up to be THE new “healthy” drink to add to your morning routine to replace caffeine. Rest assured ! It is not a beverage made from chanterelles or porcini mushrooms. We are talking rather about medicinal mushrooms with many virtues for the body where each of you can find something for it. Already interested? tests mushroom coffee for you and takes stock of its health benefits!

As already said, the mushrooms needed for the preparation of the new trendy drink are not the mushrooms you use in cooking. These are mushrooms of a medicinal nature. Among them, you will find reishi, chaga, cordyceps, “lion’s mane” and more hedgehog hydne. Very interesting, they all have healing properties for the human organism. Reishi, for example, is very beneficial for the heart system. It considerably reduces the risk of cardiovascular accidents . Cordyceps tones and stimulates the immune system by improving sports performance. Chaga, on the other hand, relieves inflammation, promotes healing and regulates blood sugar levels.. Finally, the “lion’s mane” fights against anxiety and depression, while promoting concentration and memory. It also reduces the degeneration of brain cells.

Before the appearance of mushroom coffee, the consumption of these miraculous mushrooms was done by taking special capsules, like food supplements . However, a big British brand decided to invite them to the breakfast table. She created mushroom coffee sachets. Each sachet contains approximately 500g of ground spores mixed with 40g of coffee. Of course, there are sachets that only contain cordyceps or “lion’s mane” powder. To combine gluttony and health, the brand has also launched cocoa bags with ground mushrooms.

Still, you can’t help but wonder if coffee with ground mushrooms gives your coffee a little taste of undergrowth when you wake up? Well the answer is NO! Medicinal mushrooms have a subtle, sweet taste that pairs beautifully with that of roasted coffee beans. They also fall into the category of alkaline (or alkalizing) foods . That said, they balance out the acidity of coffee making it less aggressive on the stomach. This is great news for people who tend to drink their coffee with milk and sugar.

So, if you’re looking for a way to make your coffee healthier and more beneficial, why not add some ground medicinal mushrooms to it? Rich and sweet, mushroom coffee offers several nutritional benefits that should not be overlooked without losing its energizing effect that you normally find in your first cup of coffee of the day. For a nice dose of daily health, opt for spore coffee!